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Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance can cover so many areas. At Purity Care Services we want to assist you to live an Independent, comfortable life of your choice in your home and in the community. We want to help you live the best possible life achieving your own personal goals. Our staff can accompany you to events, meetings or appointments. It may be that you just want to stay at home that is fine too! Purity Care Services can make it happen. Why not go to our contact page and take the next step. One of our friendly staff would love to hear from you.

Supported Living

Supported Living is very similar to Personal Assistance but has a few distinct differences. One difference is that the support we give can be for longer hours with further varied tasks. We happily accommodate 24 hour care.  Our staff have the necessary qualifications to provide round the clock support.  They have also had food hygiene and health and safety training to give you and them the confidence to safely prepare and cook meals alongside you to promote and compliment your own independence.
If you would like to know more about the services that we can provide or wish to discuss the areas that we may be able to support you with then pop over to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Group activities

Attending group activities is just one of our ways of cutting down costs for you. Some activities can be too expensive or more enjoyable when others are in involved. We like to facilities group activities as often as possible. We are always looking for new ideas and value your opinions this is why a recent project has just started to evolve which will be ran by our clients and users of local services. This project is to promote a user led environment where people can contact their peers with their ideas and be part of an inclusive person centred organisation.
We have attended horse riding lessons, skating and have been to the Theatre as a group. We plan to do dance, seaside trips and barbecues in the summer.
If you would like to experience a group activity then why not come along. The group activities are not just for our clients they are also for our wider community.
If this is of interest to you please visit our contact page and leave a message. One of our staff will then make contact with you to discuss any activities that will be taking place in the near future.

Assisted Parenting

As Learning Disabilities can cause different problems for different people the support required for each individual is unique and personalised to them. Many of us require support with parenting. This could be due to acute or chronic illness, mental health disability and/or a learning disability to name but a few. We are just an extension of the parents from supporting parents with the personal care of the child to the helping of preparing of a nutritious meal. Sometimes we can be assisting with school runs or just helping you get out of the house.  Together we can put a plan in place to take the weight off of your shoulders.  We are able and ready to help you.  If you require support or wish your discuss your situation with us please click on our contact page and a member of staff will make contact with you very soon.

Sleep-in/waking nights

Purity Care Services constantly promotes the independence of our clients and has a good understanding of the complexity of the day to day lives of individuals with disabilities and the barriers that they may need to overcome.  Part of our dedication is to ensure that all of our clients can live their life’s and continue to be the role of their choice within their families. Some of the assistance at night that we provide is to support parents overnight with their children, provide additional support for short term hospital discharge and to provide overnight respite for clients/families/friends. Our night provision can be on a sleeping night or waking night basis. If you are interested in either of these services please go to our contact page and a member of staff will call you to discuss how we can support you. 

Community support

Purity Care encourages and motivates individuals to achieve positive outcomes. We work in partnership with local charities and organisations and try to match placements for or clients to achieve further opportunities.  Some of the areas that we have provided a support worker to assist a client has been
Work experience
Voluntary work
We have approached local businesses and charities as by working in partnership locally with multi agencies our clients are provided with further opportunities to build on their existing skills. We have also provided support for our clients to look at attending further education to gain qualifications and employment opportunities. At present we are working with a local Academy who are supporting an Apprentice of ours so that they can enhance their skills in administration. The new skills acquired can then be passed onto our volunteer group which we are hoping to expand on as one of our main objectives is to provide an inclusive company that works alongside our clients and our community.



Domiciliary care


Purity care is regulated by the care quality commission and aims to provide a personalised service designed to suit your individual needs and preferences. Ongoing support is intended to ensure your independence and comfort are mantained and our careplans are designed to fit around your lifestyle and individual needs. We provide continuous, ongoing support, not just from your named team of carers, but your dedicated care manager is always onhand and happy to help and support you when required.

Take control of the support you receive with our domiciliary service. Maintain your independence and take advantage of our dedicated, professional carers personal attention. From 30 minutes to full time, live in support. 

Our care plans are designed around you and your life choices. Ensuring all your needs are met to the highest standard and mantaining your independence to live in your own home.



Purity care recognises the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy home. Our experienced cleaning team take pride in providing you with the same high standards they expect within their own homes. 

Our dedicated, reliable cleaning operatives, ensure a welcoming and hygenic enviroment by offering a wide range of expert cleaning services for your home.

Our experienced team will focus on the personal element of understanding your requirements, and work closely with you to ensure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations

Call us today to discuss your individual cleaning requirements and let us taylor a package to suit you