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Purity Care Limited

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Purity Care Services

Purity Care Services is a Wiltshire based care company who specialise in caring and supporting people with learning disabilities and other needs in their home and in the community. Purity Care Services cover Swindon and the surrounding areas. We provide the support and tools needed to help people with learning disabilities achieve the greatest level of independence possible. This can vary from person to person and in turn is what makes working in this environment so wonderful, exciting and rewarding.

What we do

Here at Purity Care Services we have one aim and that is to assist and enhance the lifestyle of the people we support whilst introducing new opportunities both in the home and in the community. We hold regular activities from coffee mornings to days out. We believe anything is possible and are committed to providing a personalised programme to meet the unique needs and requirements of all individuals however complex they may be,

How we can help

We can provide you with a custom care package tailored just for you. This includes supported living, 24 hour support, personal assistance, assisted parenting and short breaks to name just a few. We also hold group activities which are open to everyone, not just to our clients. So why not come along and see what they are all about.

Whatever your needs are we can help. Purity’s staff are a friendly team of support workers that are always willing and ready to support and assist you.  With ongoing training possibilities and regular meetings our staff will always have the necessary skills to provide you with the best care possible.  This will bridge the gap between those who suffer with lifelong disabilities and the wider community.
Promoting awareness and understanding is just one of many ways that we hope to make a difference. Another way we want to make changes is by getting volunteers involved in activities from school leaving age and help them become the next and better pillars of our community. Through regular activities Purity Care Services will give these young people the skills, tools and confidence to go on to become Support Workers within our company.

  CQC Rating Good